This project is absolutely one of the most innovative, fresh, and exciting efforts in the world of acoustic guitar music. The final product reached completion after almost two years of refinement. The whole production is not only a cutting edge video concept, but an exciting break-through in sound performance, too.



Hal's All Star Guitar Festival jedan je od najvećih i najprestižnijih festivala gitare ne samo u Hrvatskoj nego i u široj regiji. Jubilarno deseto izdanje ovog festivala programski i dalje zadržava najvišu razinu ne zaostajući za prestižnim događanjima ovog profila u Europi i svijetu. Proteklih godina na pozornici riječkog Hrvatskog kulturnog doma izmjenjivali su se eminentni svjetski i domaći glazbenici, dobitnici najprestižnijih glazbenih nagrada, suradnici najvećih svjetskih glazbenih zvijezda, autori svjetskih hitova, lica sa naslovnica najtiražnijih gitarističkih magazina itd. Hal's All Star Guitar Festival odvija se pod pokroviteljstvom Grada Rijeke i Primorsko-goranske županije.

Petak 24.10.2014.


20.00 – 20.45 h

Elvis Stanić & Neven Frangeš

21.00 – 22.00 h

John Stowell & Zoran Majstorović

Subota 25.10.2014.

Hrvatski kulturni dom

20.00 – 20.45 h

Alba & Leo

21.00 – 21.30 h

Jerko Novak & Žarko Ignjatović

21.30 – 22.00 h


22.00 – 22.30 h

Tinsagu Project

22.45 – 23.30 h

Michel Gentils

00.15 – 06.00

Brod Arca Fiumana, after party (ulaz slobodan)

Od 19 -20 h u atriju HKD-a nastupiti će Damijan Vasiljević s programom „Visual Guitaring Ambience“




In 2012, Hal signed a record deal with Croatia's predominant recording label, Croatia Records. After a lot of hard work and much anticipation, Hal's highly acclaimed album, Mare Nostrum, was released on this label. The album was recorded in London, England, and produced by legendary English producer, B.J.Cole ( )
The recording was engineered by star Sound Engineer, Steve Honest.



Look for more video clips to be uploaded on Hal’s website in September 2013 as more than twenty fantastic new videos have recently been filmed and uploaded onto Hal's Youtube channel ( video clips )
These official video clips from the Mare Nostrum CD were directed by the famous Croatian film producer Igor Modric: Nostrum





This project is absolutely one of the most innovative, fresh, and exciting efforts in the world of acoustic guitar music. The final product reached completion after almost two years of refinement. The whole production is not only a cutting edge video concept, but an exciting break-through in sound performance, too.

The revolutionary concept of solo guitar performance that The Guitar Power offers (directed by Hal and produced by local film expert, Igor Modric) is supported by video projections and complimented with special effects. The whole idea is based on the biblical story of David and Goliath and showcases how one stand-out musician from the small country of Croatia sets out to make his mark in the world of music.
After rave critical reviews and outstanding audience reactions at his live performances during the summer of 2013, Hal has decided to continue promoting the project on his live tour during 2013 and 2014. Don't miss the chance to catch The Guitar Power concert series. The high octane additive takes an already killer performance by Hal and makes it so much better!




            The year 2014 marked the 7th successful blues festival production located on the romantic hill town named Kastav, Croatia. The event has grown into the largest blues festival in the country and has become a regional favorite. The music festival is co-sponsored by the city of Kastav and the Kastav Office of Tourism:

As chief art director of the festival, Hal will be announcing plenty of news for the festival's 2015 schedule, including an increase in the standard five day program and additional venues for concerts to be held around the Kvarner region.

Here is the link to the Kastav Blues Festival web site:



Since January, 2009, Hal’s music has been featured on the website of the acoustic guitar world’s # 1 musician, the legendary Tommy Emmanuel. ( Look for two of Hal’s most brilliant releases, “Trilogy” and “Infinity,” which are available for purchase in Tommy’s CD shop (


After the 9th consecutive production of Hal’s All-Star Guitar Fest, the festival has become Croatia’s #1 guitar festival. Each and every year, the festival has received rave reviews from all of the regional media outlets. The event’s strength lies in Hal’s ability to provide the most elite guitarists in the world to the audience. This year’s festival promises to be equally as spectacular. The 2014 extravaganza is projected to take place in October. The official dates are Friday ,October 24th and Saturday, October 25th. The annual event is becoming famous throughout Europe and is promoted in cooperation with the city of Rijeka.

Friday  24.10.2014. Filodrammatica , Rijeka
John Stowell, USA
Zoran Majstorović, CROATIA
Elvis Stanić & Neven Frangeš, CROATIA
Saturday  25.10.2014. Hrvatski kulturni dom , Rijeka
Michel Gentils, FRANCE
Jerko Novak & Žarko Ignjatović, SLOVENIA
Tinsagu (Akiko Kozato & Walter Lupi), JAPAN-ITALY
Alba & Leo, CROATIA


Hal has many years of experience as a professional guitar teacher. Based on this experience, he has written a new book of guitar instruction that is nearing completion. The book will be a vital tool for all students learning to play the guitar. Publication is expected in December of 2013. The book is part of an innovative method of instruction that works in combination with audio and video aids. The materials will come as a set and are an essential part of Hal’s learning program.


One note of recognition, expert graphic designer Dalibor Marinkovic, who has designed most of the artwork on all of Hal’s CDs and website, has received several international awards for graphic design. Last award being 1st Place winner on the  2009 Digital Imaging Competition ( ). Some of his work could be seen at gallery:


            This festival began seven years ago and served as the summer edition of Hal's All-Star Guitar Festival. The acronym 'BIG' stands for the Baska International Guitar Festival and takes place at the peak of tourist season on the island of Krk each summer. Over the years, the festival has been made into an independent entity and has become an extremely succesful event that proudly stands on its own merits. Several of next year's (2015) artists have already been booked. More info on:



New promotional photos (by Dalibor Marinkovic) are going to be uploaded soon on the PHOTO page.


New MP3 songs have been uploaded. Feel free to listen to the new songs on the MP3 page and enjoy!
Several videos featuring my music, both new songs and older ones, have been posted on Facebook as well as Reverbnation. To watch them, simply go to:



Using his past, formal education in engineering, Hal has developed a new capo. Perfection of the device is projected to be only months away. Information on its availability for purchase will be announced soon.


Deal with Stanford Guitars - Hal's new main steel strings guitar is Stanford OM5 Vintage equipped with Headway HE2 system. Stanford Hal signature model based on OM5 Vintage will be presented during Hal's All Star Guitar Festival 2010.



Hal’s highly-touted album, TRILOGY, was released in July 2006. It was recorded in several different cities around the world and is one of Croatia’s most extensive projects to date. TRILOGY is an extraordinary album consisting of three individual discs, each defined by a different genre. The first CD resembles Hal's debut effort, the blues-pop GEMINI album. The second disc parallels the OCEAN album’s fingerstyle guitar effort, and the last is a jazz fusion compilation. Many renowned musicians contributed on TRILOGY, including several world-class Nashville names. John Jorgenson played guitar, J.D. Blair pitched in on drums, and Charlie Chadwick helped out on bass. Suzy Bogguss added her lovely singing voice and a bunch of other top professionals participated as well.


Look for the one hour documentary MUSIC CITY , USA that was filmed in Nashville, TN during the TRILOGY recording sessions. It's a story about the Nashville music scene and it has a lot of great interviews, important history, and interesting details. The film was created by Croatia’s IRS Art TV & Video Production and was directed and produced by Igor Modrić.